About Us

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Mark Banjo had an unfortunate name. He also had the bad fortune to not be able to grow a beard. 

Banjo blamed his genetics for not being able to grow a lush beard that he could proudly display for all to see. Without a beard, Banjo lacked the confidence to talk to women. Inside this made Banjo a lonely insecure man. Banjo realized  that it wasn't his fault, the world seemed to be holding him back from growing his beard! 

Banjo traveled the world until he found Clint, a man with a lush beard. Clint had one of the greatest beards Banjo had ever seen! Banjo had to find out more.

Clint told Banjo that he needed to moisturize and care for his skin so that he could develop a great beard. Clint Gave Banjo the finest Beard Care waxes to help him begin growing his lush beard. Clint promised to Banjo that after one month, Banjo would start to see his beard grow!

Clint gave Banjo the secret recipe that Banjo used to forge some of the greatest beard care products around. Banjo now provides these beard care products to you so that you too can grow a lush, head turning beard. 

Once Banjo had successfully grown his beard, he noticed that women were paying more attention to him and men were paying him more respect. This helped Banjo overcome his fear of talking to women! 

Before Banjo had found the finest beard care products, he was a shy, lonely man who couldn't seem to catch a break. Now, Banjo has a lush beard that he displays proudly on his chin! He not only notices more attention from women, but he also notices more respect from men! Be like Banjo, be a man with a great beard.

Our mission is to provide the highest quality beard oils to those who care about their beards and appearance. We love beards and want to build a community of beard lovers!