Stay Healthy By Growing A Beard

A beard is more than just some scruffy hair on ones face. It can, in fact, change your life for the better (no joke!). So lets learn exactly how growing a beard can improve your life. 

man with ginger beard looking into the distance sitting next to a green bush

Boost Your Self Esteem

A recent survey done by Braun shows that, on average, men with beards in New York City feel more attractive than they did without a beard. Over 50% of these bearded men claimed to have received compliments about their beard within the past week. Who doesn't like a good compliment every now and then? 

A Beard Isn't The Only Thing You'll Be Growing

Beards even make sex better and we're not kidding! A 2008 study carried out by psychologists at Northumbria University shows that women view men with facial hair as “tough, mature, aggressive, dominant and masculine – and as the best romantic partners, either for a fling or a long-term relationships.”
Going back to the study, researchers basically conclude that “Facial hair, or beardedness, is a powerful sociosexual signal, and an obvious biological marker of sexual maturity.” So let's get growing!

A Beard Fact A Day Keeps The Allergies Away 

The longer you beard gets, the better it’ll protect you against allergens trying to ruin your day. You know those little hairs in your nose that are there to prevent bad things from getting inside you? So too is your beard! Beards stop pollutants and bacteria from getting into your body, keeping you breathing easy all day long.
Not only this, but “when the particles that cause allergens become trapped in a person’s beard or facial hair, they will still breathe some of these in, in a regular and consistent way. As these allergens are kept close to the nose and mouth and inhaled regularly, over time a person may start to build up an immunity to them,” according to research done by YorkTest Laboratories. So not only does a beard keep those allergies from harming you, it actually can make you more immune to them. 

Stop Skin Cancer In It's Tracks

According to the University of Southern Queensland, beards can block 95% of the sun’s UV rays. This means a beard can dramatically decrease your chance of getting skin cancer. In fact, four out of five skin cancer cases in men are in the face, head, or neck. Stay strong by growing a beard and put skin cancer in it's place. 
The more sun your skin is exposed to, the more damage and hence wrinkles you'll have. These wrinkles make you look old. So stay looking young with a beard that blocks the sun from getting to your skin!

When In Doubt, Grow It Out

A beard can not only make you look a heck of lot better, it can also keep you physically and mentally healthy. So make sure you and the ones you care about are growing out their beard today. Grow and maintain your beard the right way, choose Banjos Beard Care. 

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