So You Want To Grow A Beard? Let's Get Started

a beard is the difference between mr and sir

Lets face it. Growing a beard is anything BUT easy. What if my beard grows patchy? What if my partner doesn't like my beard? What if it's itchy? These are just some of the issues our bearded champions face. To help you get started, we’ve gone ahead and set up a brief guide with some helpful tips to help with your new beard! 

I know it's hard to hear but just like everything in life, not all beards have the same potential for growth. Genetics, diet, stress levels and more play a huge role in growing a beard. But with the right knowledge, you CAN grow a great beard. Better yet.. we're going to show you how. 

The most important thing to start with is a plan. What is your end goal with your beard? Do you want a mighty viking beard or just some manly stumble? Have a really good think about the type of beard you want, after all, it will be stuck to your face! Once you've thought up your ideal beard, growing it will be much easier. It's similar to comparing an architect with no plan and one with a vision of what they want that is nicely laid out. 

Next we move on to testosterone. This will be your ace when it comes to growing a beard and if you have lower testosterone levels, you might struggling to grow a beard quickly. There are always other options like supplements to aid testosterone levels but (and we can't stress this enough) consult a doctor first man! 

Regardless of the juice flowing through your veins, if you lead a healthy lifestyle, you’ll increase your chance of growing a mighty thick beard.  That means the basics; eating healthy, proper sleep and decent exercise. It also means using natural products that take care of you. Speaking of which, our products are all nice and natural which help you to take care of yourself the right way ;)

attractive bearded man wearing a white and black suit with sun glasses

Now the hard pill to swallow. Growing a beard takes time and discipline. Unless you're part super human, part wolf, your beard will most likely take 6-8 weeks to really start to shape up. No worries though, keep caring for your beard within this time and make sure to apply a healthy dose of beard balm and oil and you're beard will eventually kick off.

The first week sucks – random stubble, itchiness and being uncomfortable are all part of the price to pay for having a great beard. Keep on keeping on and apply beard oil and beard balm to keep your beard in top shape. Beard balm reduces irritation by moisturising the skin underneath the beard whilst beard oil helps to keep your beard feeling fresh and clean.  

Beard oil also helps improve your beards growth and promotes a healthier, fuller looking beard.  Beard balms also assist in making your beard appear thicker by covering any areas that might be lacking growth. It does this by matting down the hair - think facial comb-over but a bit less tragic.  We also recommend you start brushing or combing your beard as this will help to spread the beard oil and balm around evenly.  You can pick all that up in our finest beard care kit here: 

Even with these basic tips, you'll notice a big improvement in your beards growth.
Once you’ve achieved suitable growth, head down to your barber for a tidy up and ask for them to give you some shaving and shaping pointers. Essentially, this means you wont mess up all your hard work and have to start all over. Hell they might even stock or products ;)

Think of your beard like a baby, give it love and attention and it will grow to be great. Neglect it and well.. you get the point. Choose natural, healthy products like our Beard Oil and Beard Care Kits. Keep reapplying beard oils and balms to keep your beard happy and you'll have a beard that turns heads and demands attention!

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