Finding the Best Beard Style for Your Face Shape

Different face shapes require different beard styles


The key to having a rocking beard is to match your beard to your face structure. To do this, your beard and jaw should work together to achieve a consistent flow around your face, forming an oval shape. Square or round jaws, call for a fuller beard on the bottom to elongate your face whilst oblong or rectangular faces need more hair on the sides while avoiding more length beneath the chin. Read through the rest of this quick guide to get a better understanding of how this will look!

Got a Square Face?

This calls for fuller facial hair on your chin and shorter hair on the sides. 
recommended beard style for men with square face shape

Calling Mr. Round Face

You'll need to grow hair longer on the bottom and keep it shorter on the sides. 
recommended beard style for men with round face shape

For Oblong or Rectangular Faces

Ensure that you're keeping the sides fuller whilst making the bottom shorter. 
recommended beard style for men with oblong face shape

Last But Not Least, Oval Face

At the start of this guide, we mentioned that a consistent flow around your face is the key to a great beard. If you've got an oval face, you're lucky in that most styles will work well with your face!
recommended beard style for men with oval face shape

Like we said, a nice and quick guide to ensuring your beard truly rocks! Feel free to buy something whilst your here ;) 

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