A Simple Guide To Keeping Your Beard And Skin Healthy

Keeping your beard and skin healthy need not require you to sacrifice every second of your day. It doesn’t have to be that complicated, and adhering to the following skin care routine will keep your beard, skin and loved ones equally happy. So let's get into how to grow, maintain and care for your beard!


Wash Your Skin Regularly

Having a great beard and healthy skin starts with simply washing the skin on your face and body. Use warm water which helps to open the pores and encourages better circulation over the subdermal layer of your skin.

When using soap, try to avoid bar soap because it often contains harsh chemicals that will remove important nutrients from your skin. Instead, look for gentler soaps, without sulfates, parabens and other nasty synthetics that will rob your skin of needed moisture.

Keep Skin Moisturised

The next step is to moisturise your skin by using a small amount of lotion on your face whilst ensuring that you aren't missing any key areas. Try using a quality beard balm to for your face as the essential oils will not only keep your beard looking great, but help to nourish the skin underneath as well. 

    Lastly, try exfoliating two times a week. This will remove the top layer of dead skin and dirt that gets trapped against your skin during the day which helps to keep your skin healthy and fresh. 

    Whilst those are the basic steps for caring for your skin and beard, there are a few more tricks we can apply to really get the two looking great!



    Want A Great Looking Beard? Do This...

    Banjos Beard Oils, as well as our Balms and Kits, are built to hydrate and cleanse your beard, which gives it a healthy shine, and keep it smooth. To really make the most of our beard balms and beard oils, be sure to apply the products to the skin underneath the beard, not just the hair itself. Doing this will keep your beard soft to the touch and will also give it a natural shape and feel.

    If you don't care for the skin underneath your beard, it can become dry and itchy, not a great feeling!


    How To Stop Your Beard Feeling Dry And Itchy 

    There are a lot of factors which can cause your skin to succumb to dryness and itchiness. The easiest way to prevent this is by moisturizing the skin under your beard. To do this, use Banjos Beard Balm and apply it to the roots of your beard to ensure that the skin absorbs it.

    Also, try using Banjos Beard Oil which is an excellent moisturizer that keeps your beard soft and manageable. Using Beard Oil and Beard Balm together really make for a killer combo when it comes to caring for your beard and skin. Finally, remember to brush your beard daily. This helps to remove dead hair follicles from your beard, keeping it neat and tidy. 

    Don't have these products? Not to worry, you can get all this and more in our Champions Beard Care Kit, on sale for a limited time only:



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